"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever."
Steve Jobs


We are a client focused, small, web technology agency. We are driven not only by our clients needs, but above all by what makes senses for their business objectives.  We believe that technology, web technology, is best used when it acts as an enabler of communication and engagement, and not as an end in itself.

Our challenge is to aid you reach your goals through the use of web technology, enhancing your costumer experience and brand preference.


we are passionate about web technology and user experience

we understand the challenges brands face when engaging with consumers

we bridge the gap between technology and people


Because we are client driven, we are focused on 4 key yet interconnected areas of expertise, that stem from our experience of working in leading digital marketing agencies. Our focus is web technology and we have complemented our offer with expertises and knowledge we believe are crucial to the success of our clients.


Get people talking about your brand and generate earned media

Brands use of social media has changed. To put it simply, in the beginning it was all about creating pages, building communities, writing posts and running competitions. But social media has changed, and consumers’s attitude to brands on social media is less permissive.  We believe it is all about creating interactive real-time experiences – meaningful experiences. We strive to obey by 2 golden rules in the activations we create – relevance and purpose – and have focused in the main social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.



At our core

We have lost track of the number of websites we have build but, we are just as passionate about each new website as we were with the first. We believe it is about finding the right mix of design, branding, content, functionality and usability. We also have had the opportunity to work with great designers focused on the user experience and brand identity and have had the opportunity to develop from communication based websites to more complex transactional sites. Because we believe in the development of solutions that make sense to each of our costumers, we can both work with already existing content management systems or and build your own.


Drive engagement

Our focus on Mobile is two-fold: apps and well, apps.

Although we believe in responsive, for us Mobile is not just about a responsive site but about building an experience that is both useful and relevant for brands and consumers. The challenge is creating a technically sound app and an engaging experience between consumer and brand.



Strengthening your team

We are not really the suit and tie type of people, yet we know there are times that brands and clients, just need some technical or strategic input. So, we also help brands develop more efficient and sustainable digital ecosystems and experiences. This might be something as simple as checking out the health of your website, help you manage internal development, or assist your in the decision making process.


Get new skills or your skills up to date

Because we know how hard sometimes it is to get teams quickly up to speed with new technologies or refresh existing knowledge we believe in in-house training. So whether you need an introduction to web production, a detailed tour or crash course in to programming, newsletter building, cms management or even social media management we can help you devise and run the training program you and your team needs.



Carlsberg Where's the Party

Where’s the Party was a live music DJ event, that took place in the Cascais Marina,  aimed at engaging with 18-30 year olds. Inspired by their natural usage of instagram, we developed a web based and on-premise activation whereby users would generate and propagate content and build word of mouth for Carlsberg and Where’s the Party. Based on the success of this initiative we are developing a product called Off Stage, that will allow brands to build earn media via the online instagram based activations.


EDP Renewable's Website

We conducted a technical and functional health check, namely identifying issues in server setup, technical assets fit-to-objective, technical resources optimization and best practices, HTML, links as well as issues related to SEO, which resulted in a number of technical and non-technical recommendations.


Super Bock Super Rock

One of the most important and iconic music Festivals in Portugal, 2016 saw the launch of its first native mobile app, for which we were invited by Nylon Agency to be the technical partner ensuring both the generation of innovative functions as well the technical development of both IOS and Android versions. With a complex system of real time notifications and dynamics, this app aimed at both ensuring the communication objective as well as acting as a useful tool for those visiting and participating in the event.


Centro de Frutologia

In its 4th edition and the 3rd in which we have collaborated, Centro de Frutologia is a project dedicated to support and promote Portuguese fruit production, by Compal. For this project we were commissioned by our partner agency Loyal for the technical development and implementation.



Designed by our partner MusaWorkLab, we were responsible for the technical development and implementation of this incredibly mouthwatering site.